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How does the weather change all over the world?

The weather all over the world is getting harder. Storms, damages caused by hail are appearing more often. Most damages caused by hail appear between 1 and 7pm. During this period of time in summer everything parked outside is in danger. Everyone is talking about global warming and extreme weather. There are quite many evidences showing, that these extremes will continue and not get less important. The NASA has written a lot about it and many insurances have also studied the impacts of the weather on their cases of damage.

Result: because of increasing bad weather conditions and less shelters it gets important to cover the objects.

Aircrafts are designed to live outside. Why should I cover?

Well, yes they are built to live outside. We do not always have perfect weather. We have extreme sun, increasing UV-radiation, increasing storms and rain with hail. The external effects on everything are getting stronger.
If you had the possibility to watch any material or skin change when exposed to the weather you could see, how it does harm to everything.

How do the Jaxida covers help?

By keeping out the rain (some get wet inside during strong rain) humidity is reduced. Damage to carpets, upholstery and airframe caused by water ingress are prevented.
Providing magnetos and avionics, susceptible to humidity and temperature changes get a stable environment. By blocking the sunlight out of the cockpit, the ‘greenhouse effect’ heating and cooling cycles are eliminated. This reduces internal temperatures, heat damage and formation of condensation.
Paint and Perspex areas – prone to ultraviolet aging and crazing – are shielded. Upholstery, plastic fittings and instrument panel fascias are all damaged by ultra violet light.
Looking at the surface of all aircrafts, paintwork, windows, solar panels, etc. you will find, they have a better function and lifetime if they get protected.

That’s why we design the Jaxida covers for the wide range of climates we get all over the world.