Reliable protection, maintain worth, save time

Jaxida Cover – more than protection

101% professional protection. Why 101%? It’s because we do not stop to develop. Maintain the worth of what you have, save your precious time for other precious experiences and get a 5 year guarantee. This is what we promise!
Jaxida is the partner for those, who live responsibility and take care for their values. At this point, reliable protection is needed. Our highbrow customers know the worth of their aircraft and therefore want superior protection.
Protection that is guaranteed and not just promised!

More time to Fly

More time to fly is not only about “getting in the air as soon as possible”. Flying means freedom! Flying is looking beyond borders. Protecting your aircraft with Jaxida means freedom, it means you can easily and quickly go flying or go and have a beer after your flight.
Easy and quick handling makes you feel good.

Powerful benefits

  • UV-protection
  • Your aircraft stays clean
  • Hailprotection
  • Heatprotection
  • Financial security
  • Increasing the performance and efficiency during flights
  • Safe costs for a hangar
  • Protect your instruments and Cockpit
  • Easy handling
  • Breathability – your aircraft stays dry
  • First class Service
  • Perfect fit because made to measure
  • Anti-mould and Anti-algees equipped
  • Long lifetime
Jaxida Cover Weltmarktführer