Our Team – the source of quality

Professional people

“Our covers don’t come off the line, they are heart and hand design.”

Imagine a made to measure tailor for a tuxedo or ball dress. He’s the specialist when it comes to fabrics and techniques which create the best dress for you. 
It’s the same way Jaxida dresses are designed and manufactured. Each Jaxida cover is hand designed, handmade, hand proven, hand folded and hand wrapped.
Technique is used when it comes to material tests and producing high-standard fabrics. At Jaxida’s production it’s the people who grant for your great cover and long-lasting performance.

On the pulse of current affairs

Our conviction is that only skilled people who love what they do are able to create great things. If someone enjoys his doing, the result will be great too.
Regular studies ensure improvement of processes and products. Kept as secrets they reveal great knowledge in details to reach 101% reliability.
Jaxida covers are built on a great team.