Quality – consequently from Germany

All over “Designed & Manufactured in Germany”! This means 80% of all materials come from manufacturers located in Germany. Design and development is done by Jaxida’s great Team. Customers and dealers also play a big role in developing the covers. Their wishes and knowledge is important to design and manufacture great performance and “easy to handle” covers.

A guarantor & professional: Uli Schwenk

Uli Schwenk – an experienced, old hand Pilot, Instructor and very successful world-class Pilot. Flying is the sport his heart is beating for. In any way – competing, instructing the young pilots, spreading the sport all around the world by making speeches, he is a supporter and sponsor of the sport. His loyal, easy going and humorous camaraderie is what he’s known and valued for.
All his experiences in flying and handling of the covers go into the development of all old and new models.
Here you can find some more information about his flying successes.

Jaxida Cover - Made in Germany
Jaxida Cover - Uli Schwenk