Uli Schwenk

Since he got into the sport of gliding his will was to become one of the top pilots. His perseverance and fun in the sport brought him to early success.

In 1992 and 1996 he became the German master
1995 he became second in the World Championship in New Zealand
1998 he became the European Master
2007 he made the 2. Place in the World Grandprix
2007 he was honoured as the World Ambassador in gliding by the officials of the World Grandprix in Omarama (NZ)
2007 he became third in the European Championship
2008 he made a World Record with the K2b and flew 567km FAI.

Now Uli Schwenk is 12th in the German ranking of Glider Pilots and 28th in the World wide ranking of all Glider Pilots.

In all those competitions Uli Schwenk was using the Jaxida covers. Ever since they were invented in Denmark by Verner Jaksland they have been the best product all over the world.

By using those covers all around the world in all different climatic zones and changing aircraft types the interest and development of the covers started. Uli Schwenk began to work with Verner Jaksland, the inventor and got his apprentice. The combination of producing by hand and made to measure covers in his loved surrounding of flying infected him and made him improve and take over the great company Jaxida.

Jaxida Cover - Uli Schwenk