A good conscience for everyone, considers what’s coming afterwards

Sustainable development

Sustainability is very important to us. Jaxida products are in contact with nature, flying is only possible in harmony with nature so we take care of nature too. This starts with the selection of the high-tech materials. Criteria are not only recyclable materials, also materials with a long lifetime. PVC-free materials are also important to us.

We also watch our energy consumption with many little details to save energy as much as possible.

Focus on logistics

All productions steps are done in our own facilities. This guarantees no additional environment harmful transports are needed. Production at our place, truly “Made in Germany” is what’s important to us. 20% of the materials come from Europe and 80% of our materials come from German manufacturers. So even here all the transport routes are short. No shipping or flying across the oceans necessary.

Jaxida Cover - Sustainability