Swabian virtue at world class level

Jaxida – World-class covers

Being on a world-class level is thanks to everyone involved. This is first of all Verner Jaksland who started it all and produced the first cover in 1989. Verner Jaksland’s short name “Jaxi” combined with the “DA” standing for Denmark built the brand name “Jaxida”. Jaxida therefor is a great personality.
It is thanks to all the workers in Denmark and Germany, suppliers and of course to the customers. Their esteem for the product and ideas made and still make Jaxida grow.

2009 was a great year, because Uli Schwenk bought the company. With his daughter Daniela they brought the company to the Swabian Alb – Münsingen. The Swabian Alb has a long tradition in masterfully produced textiles. This was the trump because specialists were found to produce the hand made and made to measure covers quickly. 
2014 Jaxida moved a few kilometres to a nearby town to improve their production and possibilities.

From people for people

Anybody is always welcome to visit us and watch our production. Call us for an appointment and we will show you how we work. Jaxida’s best: from the Swabian Alb to the world.

Thank you to everybody all over the world, who helped to make Jaxida what it is today.

Jaxida Cover Weltmarktführer